We're going to cuba! Be a part of our support for the cuban music scene. 


Taxa will be touring in Cuba this April and we want to bring some musical equipment to donate to local musicians. That's where you come in! 


We are working with the Canadian organization Solidarity Rocks for this tour to donate music equipment to the local Cuban electric music scene, which is in it's infancy and needs all our help to grow. We went to Cuba in 2015 and were able to donate a bunch of gear (guitars, drums, basses, pedals, strings, sticks, straps, cables, etc) with the help of generous folks like you, and we're hoping for a repeat.

We take for granted how easy it is for us to acquire a guitar or drum set to get started playing music in North America. In Cuba it is nearly impossible to find or afford even the most basic of instruments. Our goal is to bring quality music equipment with us to Cuba that we can give to the Cuban chapter of Solidarity Rocks to give more Cuban young people the chance to be creative and expressive with music.

If you would like to take part in helping to grow the Cuban music scene you can help us with a donation. We will be using your donations to buy everything from guitars and drums to strings, cables, effects pedals, straps, etc., all the essentials to get new bands started and keep them going strong! Thank you for your support!